My Personal Manifesto, this was compiled during my MSc in Management of CASS:

I am a highly driven individual that relishes challenges and always performs at the best of his abilities, I have the passion to seek out and conquer these challenges. My experiences show that I can deal efficiently and effectively with adverse situations, both from a people and an analytical perspective.
I have the highly analytical mindset of a Software Engineer, and seek a foundation of knowledge based on research and empirical evidence. I fully understand and utilise the balance between analysis and action. I prize and have used both equally, as proven by my education, projects and interests. This highly methodical approach is complemented by a high degree of social intelligence and proven people skills.
Although I am a highly ambitious individual that prizes his own strengths as much as the opportunities to improve upon them, I am at my best within a team. I believe that there is always something to learn from somebody else no matter who that might be. In my opinion this is often best accomplished through constructive discussion within a team. At stages this requires a subtle approach of “focus channelling”, while at other stages a high impact leadership style based on example and visibility, is required.
I prize integrity and diversity, in all its forms, and try to capitalise wherever possible on my ability to traverse cultural differences. I try to accomplish this through my four languages and the mindset of a person raised and educated in a truly multinational setting: I am a Swiss Citizen, raised in Italy, and educated in the UK and Australia
I would sum up my personal leadership style as a non-formal, consensual and open style based on example and mutual respect. My personal abilities are best summed up a highly analytical mindset combined with a high degree of social intelligence and proven people skills.
In the near future I see myself as a fast rising business professional, travelling the world while leading projects that will span cultural and economic differences. I will rise to the top of my game through my commitment and desire to be the best at whatever I do. I want to do something that has not been done before, whether it is a new approach to securities or a novel way to organise people. I would like to create something innovative that will benefit others as much as it will benefit me. Ideally, I see myself travelling from one part of the world to another, taking on challenges that will test my own abilities as much as they will teach me new and invaluable skills to continue my career.

Janos Renz-Hotz