Other Projects that I have collaborated in or have been directly responsible are:

JRH Consulting

JRH Consulting was a consulting company that provided solutions to problem solving and project management; this through a comprehensive facet of consulting services in various fields, including IT, Translations, Finance and Business.

Most of the expertise was drawn from an array of professionals and contacts in their respective fields. They usually worked alongside JRH Consulting with the customer but are recruited, managed and remunerated centrally from JRH Consulting.

This provided the customers with a one stop-shop for all the needs for their projects. This approach worked since JRH Consulting did not increment the price of the various services, rather it searched for the most cost effective solution for the customers. Think of it as a consulting match-maker!

More information on JRH Consulting and can be found at www.JRHConsulting.co.uk

IFS Trading Competition
With a team from CASS Business School we entered the IFS Trading competition as the 'Goldfish Trading Group'. The Goal was to manage a fictitious 100.000 securities account.

KPMG International Case Study Competition
I represented CASS Business School at the KPMG International Case Study Competition, together with three colleagues. We where pitted against other postgraduate teams from all over the world in a consulting-type competition.

We won the UK heat, beating teams from LSE, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and Durham, and continued to to the Finals in Lisbon where we managed to reach the top 5.

Ala di Leonardo (2002)
The Ala di Leonardo (wing of Leonardo) was a project involving the modern construction of an old flying machine first designed by Leonardo da Vinci.
I was involved in the early stages (2002-2004) while the project was under the primary domain of Icaro 2000. My role was to integrate the project participants through online and physical collaboration, while involving the media and organising the meetings and events.

The Italian ministry of culture co-sponsored the project, and it drew heavy interests from the National Geography Society, the Discovery Channel and the BBC.
Currently renowned sports man Angelo d'Arrigo (who will also fly the machine) is responsible for the project.

For more information’s please refer to www.angelodarrigo.com/leonardo/

4Fight Helmet (2002)
The 4Fight Helmet is an innovative sport helmet currently produced and marketed by Icaro 2000.

My role again consisted of facilitating collaboration between the different parties, in part also through my language skills. I also organised
and kept track of most of the meetings, all the while mediating through various cultural and financial difficulties.

This helmet is currently revolutionising the sport helmet arena and is being considered as the basis for the next generation security helmet for the public sector in the UK.

For more information, please refer to www.icaro2000.com