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December 2012
Gipsy and all the staff of Icaro 2000 wish you a late Merry Christmas
October 2012
Balaclava with Icaro logo

Fabric elastam

Color black

One size

Buy now for € 24.-
+ € 10.- worldwide shipping costs
September 2012

Twin-electric engined trike and RX Bip

Hello E-flight friends,

Look at this nice video of my E-trike prototype.

As you can see the whole thing works very well and the performance is perfectly adequate for a short take off.
With the large area the trike flies relatively slowly.

I will keep you informed about the progress of this superb machine.

Manfred Ruhmer
September 2012
"Dark" sail colors for the hang glider RX2

9 new colors are immediatly available

September 2012
The unstoppable power of the team Alex Ploner + Laminar continues to reap rewards

After two world titles, Ploner consolidates his leadership by

winning the European championships in Kayseri (Turkey).

Pictures on web the site of Flavio Tebaldi
August 2012

Incredible pictures from the "Corcovado" and Rio de Janeiro

with hang glider Laminar and Helmet 4fight.

Photographer and pilot Nader Couri, who just bought a brand new Laminar.

His first comments: Yea, the new size glider is awesome! I have been flying it for a short time, I already like it a lot though!! Everyone is saying good things about the glider!

More about Nader on his web page.
Alex Ploner wins the International Trophy of Monte Cucco2012

Third place Christian Ciech.

The results and more pictures on web site of Flavio Tebaldi

Manfred wins the Italian Open hang gliding competition in Gemona del Friuli after
an exciting duel with Alex, new Italian Champion, who took second place, with Christian third.

The three champions have collected a total of 15 FAI world titles between them (Manfred with 9, Alex 4, Christian 2). No further words are necessary to describe their prowess.

All flew the Laminar with the new "Tecnora" sail.

The results and more pictures on web site of Flavio Tebaldi
May 2012
Manfred Ruhmer wins again with Laminar the "Trofeo Valerio Albrizio" in Laveno, Italy

Second Christian Ciech, third Alex Ploner, all with the new "Tecnora" sail.
March 2012
The top model Laminar with the new option

"tecnora sail" is now available

Look at the singel pictures of this video
March 2012
The EN 966 certification of the new Rega II helmet

Icaro 2000 presents the 5 stringent tests performed on its new helmets Rega II in order to obtain the European EN 966 certification for free flight and micro light sports.

Remember that the tests that have to be passed to obtain EN 1077 ski helmet certification are not as demanding as those for EN 966.

More info about the Rega II helmet
February 2012
Delivery time for all our hang gliders

Icaro2000 is a company that manufactures hang-gliders using meticulous craftsmanship, a labour of love that requires an appreciable amount of time to attain the finest quality possible.

This is why for new orders, delivery times will be a minimum of three months.

But after all, "waiting for something you love is just sweet anticipation."

In recent weeks, we were able to increase the production.
The delivery time is now 3 months from the order date

We realize that this is a long time to wait. If you would prefer not to wait so long, we suggest that you continue flying for the moment with the hang glider that you already have, and that you order a new hang glider after the summer break (in other words, from September on).

We would like to remind you that today, just as in previous years, technological improvements that are found to be beneficial are immediately adopted in series hang gliders.
This means that we will not be introducing "new" models at the beginning of the next seasons. Therefore, even if you order a hang glider in the second half of the year, it will in any case incorporate all the improvements implemented up until that moment.
The names and the logos   Icaro, Icaro 2000, 4fight, ICE  are registrated trade marks.

For all of us at Icaro 2000, the name “4fight” has nothing to do with war, please read more about it.

Our company is committed to continuously improving the safety, comfort and design of our products.
Therefore we reserve the right to modify the characteristics in any way, without any prior notice.

Nearly all photos on this website can be downloaded without any restrictions.
There is only a copyright if you read the name of the fotographer near the picture.

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