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December 2013 13034
We wish all our friends, customers and dealers Merry Christmas a very Happy New Year.

See you in 2014 with many new novelties.

Winter holidays:

Icaro 2000 will be closed for the winter break from the 21. of December till the 6. of January 2014
November 2013 13033
The hang glider MastR with half Technora sail

The high-performance king post HG (mast = King post R = race) of Icaro2000 with the new updates for the year 2014:

redesigned sail (less wrinkles in flight at all VG tensions) increased stroke GV, new profile, new details of the chassis, lighter weight, higher performance and new colors.

This is half Technora + Dacron Square sail, great compromise in durability and performance.

Slideshow of the MastR with half Technora sail
November 2013 13032
New colors for the hang glider Orbiter

Our designer and phographer Ignazio Bernardi has "invented" new color schemes for our succesfull intermediate glider.

As artists are sometime a little crazy he made "only" 60 color possibilities.

But they are just wonderful !!!

Click here to see them all in high resolution.
October 2013 13031
Icaro 2000 is on Facebook.

To connect with Icaro 2000, sign up for Facebook today.

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October 2013 13030
The Omega 2 helmet now available with our safety chin protection "Rollbar"

The Rollbar has the function to protect the chin with a titanium-anodized aluminium tube.

On the Rollbar it is fixed also our "Turbo Skip".

The turbo skip avoids that the air flow can enter from the under side of the helmet and create annoying turbolences between the eyes and the visor.
It is fixed on the rollbar and can easily be replaced.

more info on the Omega 2 page
October 2013 13029
Grid helmet against the monster Alien

We have just discovered on FB this funny photomontage from Klub Gantolle Jakarta.

more about the Swiss artist Hans Gyger, the creator of the monster Alien

our helmet Grid was created by our Italian designer and photographer Ignazio Bernardi
October 2013 13028
New RX2 hang glider with Technora sail and MR control frame

As for all Icaro 2000 hang gliders, the RX2 is available with competition optional features, such as a sail in Technora and an MR control frame.

The combination of these two optional extras improves the performance of the RX2, and its coordination during turns.

The MR control frame and the excellent performance of the Technora sail make the RX2 even more fun to fly, while also giving it an aggressive and attractive appearance.
September 2013
Icaro 2000 again at the Coupe Icare,

the most important free flight exhibition in Europe is held since 40 years at St Hilaire, France

We expose:
  • the new hang glider RX2 Race with Tecnora sail

  • All our helmets models, new and second choices

  • Our new ICE headsets
September 2013
Hiroshi Suzuki first, Yoko first of women

at the 2013 Hanggliding Japan championship  both with the world champion hang glider Laminar

Hiroshi writes us:
I won 2013 Hanggliding Japan championship.
Thank you very much for the best glider new Laminar.
Not only my new Laminar which has new wing tips is cool, but also the climbing is very excellent.
I could always feel my glider has advantage over the other gliders during this competition.
I really appreciate new Laminar and all staff of ICARO2000.
Yoko was the first of women for this competition too.
Of course, her glider is Laminar !
August 2013
Christian Ciech First, Alex Ploner second and Florian Gostner third

at the Monte Cucco International Trophy 2013 all three with the world champion hang glider Laminar

Filippo Oppici writes on the Oz report:
I'd like to report what in my opinion is one of the strongest performance ever.
Christian Ciech has just won the Monte Cucco International Trophy for one point over Alex Ploner and with this victory he has won seven of the eight competitions that he has attended so far this year (he missed winning at the Worlds in Forbes in January). Seven in a row! He also won nineteen of the thirty two tasks flown in these competitions. I'm very proud of my long time friend and teammate.
July 2013
First and second place for our helmets at the Red Bull X-Alps 2013

Christian Maurer with Iguana and Clement Latour with Transalp

(Transalp will be the new name for the actual model TZ)

A great THANKS to both pilots for wearing our helmets

Red Bull X-Alps 2013
July 2013
Christian Maurer, wins again the most incredible paragliding competition, the Red Bull X-Alps 2013

wearing our helmet Iguana

link to his website
July 2013
Double victory for our helmet Iguana

In the year 2005 Alex Hofer won the incredible competition wearing the Iguana.

in 2013 the most brilliant pilot of all, Christian Maurer, is wearing also the same helmet.

in the picture Alex Hofer
July 2013
modified TZ

in this competition there are more certified Icaro helmets, even lighter then the Iguana:

a slightly modified TZ of just 330 grams

the helmet will be available in a few weeks with the new name Transalp

in the picture Clement Latour, second classified
July 2013
Iguana helmet

This year in the competition it is mandatory to wear a helmet with E.N. 966 certification.

The pilots have searched for a helmet that is as light as possible, and they have found our Iguana model, which has been out of production for several years.

The weight of the Iguana is just 440 grams in the version without ear protection.
July 2013
New colors for the world champion HG Laminar

July 2013
We made a very special custom sail for the american pilot Waine Michelsen

We received from Waine the following mail:

Hi Urs and Christian, First of all, thank you very much for such a fantastic glider.
The quality is excellent, and it flies very well. This glider is a great improvement over my Z8.
I placed 3rd at Chelan..... and the glider was a big part of that success. It has been a long time since I have had a glider that feels safe, and thermals in such balance....
Also, you would be amazed, and very happy, at the attention this glider is getting from the pilots at both Chelan and King. Each of these competitions have over 50 pilots, and all of them are examining my glider very closely. I almost need to set up a barrier so I can complete my setup and preparation. They are all very impressed, and I expect you to get a few orders as a direct result.
June 2013
The new Wing-tips available also for the hang glider RXbip.

Manfred Ruhmer flying with his twin-eletctric engined trike.

Less drag and therefore more electric range ???

Let's wait his comments......
June 2013
The new Icaro E-Shop for all our helmets is ready and online.

There is a handy new configurator that enables you to assemble the helmet of your choice with all the possible options.

Sorry if some products and pictures are still missing. We will add them over the next few days.

The shop was constructed not only for our customers, but also for our dealers.
Very soon we will send them their ID and password with which they can access their own special account.

Sorry, but in the near future we will have to increase the prices of our helmets a little.
Fortunately our suppliers kept their demands fairly low.
June 2013
The new Wing-tips for the the world champion hang glider Laminar.

The wingtips have been developed by the hg world champion Manfred Ruhmer.
They were used the first time at the last world championships in Forbes, Australia.

Christian Ciech tells: we felt a little improvement of the medium-low speed performance.
That means that also the climbing characteristics are improved as well as the medium-low speed glide ratio.

Now they are available as an option on all new Laminar sails.
May 2013
2013 Flytec Championship, US

Christian Ciech first on Laminar, the world champion hang glider.

By Jamie:
.........but there’s no denying that Christian has dominated this competition –
he has won EVERY SINGLE day that we’ve flown here! It’s pretty impressive.....

Overall Results
May 2013
Incredible season for our pilot Christian Ciech

always first on Laminar, the world champion hang glider, on the following competitions 2013
  • Flytec Championship, US
  • Montegrappa Trophy, Italy
  • Trofeo Valerio Albrizio, Italy
  • Trofeo Malanotte, Italy
  • Aeros Winter Race, Slovenia
Christian Ciech works at Icaro as test pilot and developer for all our hang gliders, together with Manfred Ruhmer
May 2013
Icaro's flight suit Top Gun and the new helmet Omega 2 at the famous car race 1000 Miglia

The 1000 miles race with more then 400 old cars starts from Brescia to Rome and back in 3 days.

I had the great opportunity to partecipate as navigator with an open Bentley from the year 1929 !
The weather was very rainy and cold, the best opportunity to test both of our products.
The result: just perfect, the flight suit was always warm and water proof, the helmet comfortable all the time.
In the picture Gianni with his daughter Gipsy before the start.

More pictures and more info about this unique race
1. Mai 2013
Last week we met Guido Gehrmann at the Aero exhibition in Germany.

We talked about his exciting life, about his great passion for flight.

He was a good friend, but above all he was an extroardinary pilot and a GREAT man.

Now he is flying very very high in the sky.


We will always remember you,


April 2013
Icaro 2000 will be present at the Aero,

the Global Show for General Aviation and Micro lights in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

April 24-27   2013    Hall 3B Stand 421

We will present:
March 2013

LAMINAR 2013, the development continues.

Better performance, new optionals and new colours for the world-championship-winning hang glider.

We have done our utmost, with commitment, dedication, and attention to detail, in order to build the finest hang glider in the world. We succeeded.

The glider with the special laminar design is available in all colors.
March 2013

Omega 2 with ICE earphones

We are pleased to announce that the new Omega 2 helmet for powered flight is now available.

The new helmet has a modern and enticing design.
It will be sold with our new ICE electronics system built into the glass-fibre shell.

The helmet is available in three colours: pearl white, military look, and our famous Carbon Optic.

Like all Icaro helmets, Omega 2 has EN 966 certification.

more info and pictures......
March 2013
ICE    Icaro - Comunica – Electronics

Icaro launches its new in-helmet electronic systems for radio communications.

For years, we have been in contact with a friend of ours, the engineer Ralph Chester, who was formerly a pilot in the Royal Air Force.
Ralph has a company, Comunica, that manufactures state-of-the-art electronic systems for radio communications.
We asked Ralph to design an exclusive Icaro high-quality system for earphones and microphone, to be built specially for aviation and sports flying.
The first system for aeronautical bands is ready to be installed in our new helmet Omega 2.
This will soon be followed by earphones that can be applied to all our helmets for powered flight, both for aeronautical bands and amateur radio bands.

A web page with photos and technical details will be online very very soon.
March 2013

click the pictures to enlarge
3 new colors for our successful helmet Fly

January 2013, Forbes Australia
Manfred Ruhmer first          Alex Ploner second

at the hang gliding world championships in Australia.

Congratulations to the best pilots ever
January 2013, Forbes Australia
   Photos Flavio Tebaldi

Laminar and Icaro2000,     World Champions again!

We have done our utmost, with commitment, dedication, and attention to detail, in order to build the finest hang glider in the world. We succeeded.

It's getting the smalll things right that leads to the highest peaks of achievement.
January 2013, Forbes Australia
Manfred Ruhmer about the race

Before I flew to Australia, I was thinking that I had not been able to train enough to be ready for a long World Championships...
But GŁnther Tschurnig and I had some good training days in Manilla, and we managed to get a lot of good airtime.
Some small changes were made on my equipment there, and after that, I felt well prepared for the Championships.
The competition was really tough, with many days of flying, long tasks, a lot of gaggle flying, one day with a very high cloud base, and the last two days with just very nice, typical Forbes conditions.
From the start, I was very focused and motivated, concentrating on my flying.
The incredible performance that I obtained from my glider and equipment helped me to deal well with the gaggle flying, and I always ended up with good results at the end of the day.
Only on the penultimate day (the longest day) I ended up just short of goal, and that was my only bad day. So on the last day, there was a very intense race between me and Alex.
At the end it was my day once again, and I reached goal before Alex, enabling me to win this very hard competition!
So after ten years (Brasilia 2003), winning a Class 1 World Championship is something very special.
The competition was very fair and well-organized. Heartfelt thanks to Vicky once again! Manfred
January 2013, Forbes Australia
Christian Ciech about the race

I normally like more the mountain flight, but this World Championship was one of two most intense competitions I flew in my life.
The other one was the '97 World Championship, again in Forbes.
What a place! 10 tasks, a huge amount of flight hours and many, many kilometers!
It was more than a competition, it was an amazing adventure!

And my Laminar, let me enjoy, every single moment of it. What a glider!
January 2013, Forbes Australia
Italian team first

congratulations to all Italian pilots and a very special thanks for the wonderful work made by the team leader Flavio Tebaldi
January 2013
Happy New Year

The year 2013 is a very special one for us:

Icaro 2000 will celebrate 40 years of Italian design, innovation, and creation.

A big thanks to all our customers and dealers that supported us all these years.

More about Icaro's history
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