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December 2014 14022
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

to all our friends, customers and dealers

Next year there will be an important world wide event in which Icaro is involved.

See you in 2015 ........
December 2014 14021
The helmet Fly is back again

Sorry, our Italian manufacturer had some problems.

Now we are back with a first batch of items.
We have put the green light on our e-shop for the following colors:
  • Black velvet
  • Grey manopesca
  • Orange
  • Blue
If you order now we can dispath the helmets before we close for our winter break
November 2014 14020
Para Motor World champion 2014

Alexandre Mateos

wearing our Scarab helmet

Look at this incredible video

more about the Scarab helmet
November 2014 14019
The yellow Laminar

An important Italian bank asked us to make a completely yellow hang glider to use in their advertisements.
In their video you will see the hang glider only at the end and just for a few seconds.
Anyway they choosed the best available hang glider.

The movie was made in the Italian Dolomites, the pilot is the world champion Alex Ploner.

Click the picture on the left side to see the full page of the Italian sport magazine "la Gazzetta dello Sport"
November 2014 14018
The professional helmet Rega II

New full HD slide show taken from the pictures of the newsletter nr 83 of the Swiss resque service.
September 2014 14017
Hang Glider RX2 with Technora sail and competition A-frame.

The world HG champion Manfred Ruhmer makes the test fly before the delivery to a German customer.

The option Technora sail and competition A-frame is now available on all our models.
September 2014 14016

The light Icaro helmet: only 390 grams

In the Red Bull X-Alps 2013 competition it was for the first time mandatory to wear a helmet with E.N. 966 certification.

The pilots have searched for a helmet that is as light as possible, and they have found our TZ model without ear defenders or electronic headsets.

Clement Latour, second classified, was wearing this slightly modified helmet of just 390 grams.

more info.....
July 2014 14015
Laminar, MastR and Orbiter

now also with half Technora sail

This exclusive fabric offers a weight advance of about 500 grams.

look at the full HD gallery of the Laminar or Orbiter

photographer Ignazio Bernardi
July 2014 14014
Laminar, the war machine against the elements

more beautiful photos in full HD

photographer Ignazio Bernardi
July 2014 14013
Manfred Ruhmer again world champion on Swift

at the "Mondial delta 2014" in Annecy, France.

The actual palmares of Manfred:
  • Class 1   Hang Gliders
    • World Champion 4 times cross country; 1 time speed gliding
    • European Champion 4 times

  • Class 2   Swift: World Champion 6 times

Piero Zin second on hang glider MastR in the new Fai Sport Class.

Piero wrote us: thanks for having made such a fantastic hang glider, the MastR I flew at he World Cup in Annecy !
..... the wing was very very handy in thermals, fantastic in gliding, easy to land and beautiful in the eyes of everyone who looked at it.
July 2014 14012
JF Lebas

JF is our new commercial agent, initially for France.

He was 20 years the manager of VLD (Paris) and is well known in our flying community.

He first will take care of the customer relationships in France and afterwards also worldwide.

His specialty are helmets and radio communication.

You can contact him at [email protected]
June 2014 14011

Click to enlarge in Full HD
Photo contest again

We are redoing our web pages and we need urgently new beautiful pictures of our latest helmets and Hang Gliders.
If you have a very special one of any of our actual models please send them to our mail.
We need a size of minimum 500 Kb to max 1 - 2 Mb
Also nice videos are welcome.
We pay € 50.- for a very good picture and € 100 for a very very special one in Icaro buying bonus.
Thanks in advance.

We received this beautiful photo from Tannaflyer (Tomoharu Tanaka), Japan
June 2014 14010
New 4fight MR

The 4fight MR is a special helmet wanted by Manfred Ruhmer, the 5 times Hang Gliding World Champion.

The main characterisc and difference to the other 4fight models are the very soft cover ears that avoids any wind noise

More info .....
May 2014 14009
New Laminar sail colors 2014

48 new colors for the world champion Hang Glider Laminar created by our designer and photographer Ignazio Bernardi.

just beautiful and unique
April 2014 14008
NERV, the new Icaro helmet

A light, comfortable and modern helmet with E.N. 966 certification.

It is made of a very strong polycarbonate shell, everything made 100 % in Italy.

The colors Carbon Optic and Stardust are immediatly available.

2 more  colors and the version with headsets (Nerv UL) will come very soon

Look at the full HD gallery
The are 3 available sizes with wheel regulator for head circumferences from 53 cm to 61 cm.

The weight of the helmet is 530 grams + 93 grams for the optional visor

Designed by Ignazio Bernardi with technical consultancy from the greatest Italian helmet developer.

More info .....

Prices with options are on our new E-shop
Nerv UL

The Nerv UL with headsets is nearly finished.

The prototypes are ready. We just have to do an extension of the E.N. 966 certification of the normal Nerv.

The picture shows the reinforced polystyrene and the channels for the air flow with our new ICE headsets. Of course over the polystyrene there will be fixed the strong thermoformed shell in the same colors as the normal Nerv.
In a short time the picture of the complete helmet
the "birth" of the Nerv
April 2014 14007
Manfred Ruhmer & Christian Ciech invited in Russia
in August 2014 by DELTA FLY MAI, our official dealer in Russia

The plans of their visit is:
5 or 7 days in Moscow
10-14 days in South of Russia (Pyatioorsk mountains UCA)

The main aims of the visit will be:
present all the new Icaro products in Russia (first of all hang-gliders) – training flight school – exhibition with the Icaro electric tandem trike – Swift – tandem flights.

Look at the presentation letter
March 2014 14006
Christian Ciech first, Antoine Boisselier third at the
Fai Pre World Hang Gliding championship 2014, Mexico

Bravo to both pilots, with Laminar 2014: just an incredible machine

Boisselier has just written on FB: We had a great week flying every day in Valle de Bravo! This site is just amazing! 4000m every day in very strong thermal! loved it! My new glider Laminar from Icaro 2000 is perfect as well, a very efficient "machina"! Ended up on the podium! Happy I am!

the results                                 pictures by Jamie Shelden
February 2014 14005
New improvements on the Hang Glider Laminar

For Icaro 2000 and its competition hang gliders, the 2014 season has seen the introduction of some new optional components, already tested with excellent results in the 2013 season.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that the full-optional versions of the Laminar hang glider have obtained DHV certification.

February 2014 14004
The state of the art of the Laminar frame

Look at the full HD gallery of 8 pictures of the new carbon frame of the world champion Hang Glider Laminar.

Pictures made by Ignazio Bernardi.
January 2014 14003
4fight Skydive the helmet for skydivers

All 4fight full-face models are now available with a mini-skirt that prevents air flow from entering the helmet.

We are convinced that for the skydivers we can offer a better protection with our E.N. 966 certified helmets.

The mini-skirt is also ideal for giving paraglider and hang glider pilots protection from cold air.

more info.......
January 2014 14002
New sail colors for the hang glider MastR

Our designer and phographer Ignazio Bernardi has "invented" new color schemes for our succesfull high performance kingpost hang glider.

They are just wonderful !!!

Click here to see them all in high resolution.

Slideshow of the MastR with half Technora sail
January 2014 14001
We wish all our friends, customers and dealers  a very Happy New Year.

See you soon with many new novelties.

See again all the news from the year 2013
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