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Helmet News 2021-2022

Carbon X, the new helmet used by the team of Gitana

Speed, flight & adrenalin: the video we like
Click Gitana for more info about this incredible trimaran
Charles Caudrelier won the legendary 2022 Route du Rhum race
He set a new course record, a result even more significant considering that he was the sole skipper on board

We are immensely proud that the Gitana team is using our new Carbon X helmet
It will be made in jet and full-face versions for water and land sports
The page dedicated to this new helmet is ready

4fight, the return of a legend

The 4fight is one of the most iconic helmets of all time, Read more...

with its aerodynamic tail that made it a favourite with hang glider pilots the world over. On the market for almost 20 years – it was launched in 2004 – 4fight has not just become part of the Icaro legend, it has saved lives, as documented by its owners. Not surprisingly, it is the best-selling helmet ever made for the sport of hang gliding.

Our commitment to helmets offering continuously enhanced protection led to new models such as NeroHero and Nerv 2.0, with their own distinctive style.

But 4fight is evidently close to the hearts of many pilots. Still today we receive constant requests for this helmet, and so we have decided to relaunch it.

Helmet technology has progressed considerably in comparison to 20 years ago, and likewise certification. 4fight's unique design characteristics can no longer be certified as EN 966 (airborne sports) and so we have opted for a new certification, EN 1385 (white water sports) specifically tailored to lightweight helmets.

The test report shows that 4fight offers excellent head protection. Our classic helmet has safeguarded pilots for twenty years, and it will continue to provide seamless protection with its new certification.

Unashamedly cool, supremely sporting, the legend has returned. Welcome back, 4fight!

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We are pleased to announce that our innovative helmet NeroHero is back on sale.
Its beautiful shape has been enhanced by a very cool tailpiece, a new protective component that completes the helmet's streamlined profile and prevents any accidental damage.
Another important new feature is the fact that NeroHero is now available in two versions with larger or smaller outer shell, for even better fit and comfort.
These changes are a demonstration of Icaro 2000's ongoing commitment to the improvement of our products' safety and performance, and the constant attention that we dedicate to our customers. We are sure that you will love NeroHero as much as we do.

View the complete page with all the new features.

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Nerv 2.0


Nerv 2.0 has arrived, with all the quality and Italian design that made the original Nerv such a success right from its introduction in 2013.
The features of the new Nerv 2.0 include an inner cap in the soft, high-technology fabric Coolmax, which increases comfort by wicking perspiration away from the head, along with other important innovations.
As for all helmets by Icaro 2000, Nerv 2.0 is 100% Made in Italy, assembled at our headquarters in Laveno (Lake Maggiore).
Icaro uses only the finest materials and technology, and all helmets are officially EN certified. Enjoy unmatched levels of comfort, safety and style with Nerv 2.0.

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Previous news from the years 2017 · 2016 & 2015


The new helmet replace the full-face 4fight models.
One size fits all from Small (56 cm) to Large (61 cm)
EN 966 certification

Suitable for:

  • Paraglider and Hang Glider pilots
  • Land sports
The NeroHero is now available

Further info

June 2020

The worthy successor to a legendary helmet

The innovative NeroHero replaces 4fight

The legendary helmet 4fight leaves the scene, to a standing ovation. Our helmet with its distinctive tail first saw the light in 2004, and it attained immediate and long-lasting success. As a result of its intriguing appearance and its great aerodynamic efficiency, masterminded by our designer and photographer Ignazio Bernardi, many hang glider pilots used it, above all in competitions, and still today it is the best-selling helmet ever in this sport.

Over the years, 4fight has been made in a number of different models. One of them, 4fight Cut, with a truncated tail, was created for paraglider pilots because the long tail was impractical for their specific requirements. Other versions include the Jet model, and the 4fight MR, in which MR are the initials of Manfred Ruhmer, winner of many hang gliding and rigid wing World Championships.

Even though 4fight is still a very popular product, we wanted to create an innovative helmet that could meet the developing expectations of contemporary pilots.

And so today we are proud to present NeroHero, tough and modern, very beautiful especially in the real carbon version. With NeroHero, safety has a new shape.

Use your head, wear a better helmet!

June 2020

Nerv light & Oceano


A very light helmet for a number of sports: from 355 to 390 grams.

Nerv light, for Hike & Fly and land sports.
Standard and exclusive edition with our new patented ESR (Elastic size regulator) for perfect regulation from size S (56 cm) to L (61 cm)

Oceano, for water sports.
Completely waterproof and buoyant.

A single certification for both: EN 1385 (Helmets for canoeing and white water sports)

Please note that a lightweight helmet – just 355 to 390 grams – will never pass the demanding EN 966 certification.
Nevertheless the helmet provides excellent head protection.

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July 2019

Nerv with rollbar

A tough, exclusive Icaro helmet with a titanium-anodized aluminium Rollbar for optimum chin protection.

The Rollbar can be retrofitted to any Nerv helmet: you just have to change the 2 ear protectors..
The Rollbar is also available as a standard feature.

May 2019

Nerv & Solar X: new color Scratch Blue

Solar X

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May 2019

Full Carbon helmets for the Rollbar Plus & Pro Copter



At last we have found a reliable supplier capable of manufacturing a perfect 100% full carbon shell.
The weight saving is approximately 80 - 100 grams. The looks are just astonishing!

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April 2019

Solar X: new colors Scratch & Deep Forest

Solar X

Solar X

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November 2018

Carbon Optic for the helmet Rollbar Plus


Carbon Optic always provides spectacular looks.
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October 2018

Year 2017

Icaro starts selling Ski & Snowboard helmets


For over thirty years, Icaro 2000 has held a leadership position worldwide for the production of flight helmets (hang gliding, paragliding, ultralight aircraft).

The reasons for this continuing success can be found in the company's commitment to research and development, finding new ways of meeting the requirements of sports pilots, in addition to its sleek and attractive "Italian Design”.

All our flight helmets have always received European EN966 certification.

Icaro 2000 is now extending its range of operations. From this year we are launching products for areas different to sports flying. This gives people who practice other sports (skiing, biking, skydiving, water sports) the chance to benefit from Icaro 2000's hallmarks of lightness, safety and appealing design that have always set our helmets apart from the rest.

Helmet Solar X with the incredible X5 ear defenders


Marie Mateos, the wonderful french paramotor women's world, european and
french champion is wearing our helmet with the new very efficient 3M X5

Red Bull X-Alps 2017


Chrigel Maurer (SUI1) wins this incredible race for the 5 th time in a row.
He always used our old helmet Iguana, out of production since years.

Big big congratulations to the best paraglider pilot in the world !!!

New Icaro helmet Rollbar Plus


A special helmet for the demanding micro light pilots:

  • Double visor
  • Same fiberglass shell as the unique Rega II helmet
  • Strong Icaro exclusive titanium-anodized aluminium "rollbar" for best chin protection
  • Passive inside ventilation
  • Turbo skip to avoid annoying turbolences between the eyes and the visor.

More info

Year 2016 & 2015

Solar Impulse around the world: We made it


From Michael McGrath, responsable for the Cockpit Design and it's Configuration of the Solar Impulse 2, we received this mail:
From: Michael McGrath [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, 08 August 2016 09:20
To: Gianni Icaro [mailto:[email protected]]
Subject: We made it!

Dear Gianni,
We succeeded in flying around the world using only the power available from the sun. An historic achievement for aviation and energy, showing the world what is possible and opening their minds and hearts to a better future.

I wanted to thank you for your tremendous support in creating a custom pilot helmet capable of standing up to the extreme demands of life inside the Solar Impulse cockpit. Your commitment to the project and to being here in person time and again to be sure that the pilots got the best and most comfortable fit possible was remarkable and beyond appreciated.

I truly enjoyed working with you and I hope that we can find projects to collaborate on in the future together.

Thank you,

The 2 pilots Piccard and Borschberg used our helmets Solar X and our headsets ICE

Alex Mateos new Fai World Paramotor Champion 2016


He is flying with our helmet Rollbar without visor and our ICE headsets.

Solar Impulse 2 flew 40,000 km without fuel, a first for energy!


Emotions, tears, relief, exhilaration is running through the team right now after completing the first Round-the-World solar flight.
The solar airplane has now made it full circle around the world, proving that clean technologies can really achieve the impossible.

Great Piccard and Great Borschberg for having realized this incredible mission

Thanks for having used our helmets Solar X and our headsets ICE

More about this incredible adventure on the official site Solar Impulse 2

Motobot meets the Doctor (Valentino Rossi)


Look at this amusing video with our blue helmet 4fight

Solar Impulse's first Round-the-World Solar Flight with our Icaro helmets


Solar Impulse is the only airplane of perpetual endurance, able to fly day and night on solar power, without a drop of fuel.

Icaro is proud to contribute to this incredible mission.

The two famous pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg are wearing our helmets with our ICE headsets.

They have chosen our helmets because they are light, strong, modern, reliable and have EN 966 certification.

The electronic ICE headsets have been developed expressly for this mission.
The helmets will be available for all our sport pilots at the end of March.

We will call them "SOLAR X"