Electronic Headsets   fixed on the helmets
We recommend:   never use headsets under helmets. They are not certified in this way and your head would no longer be protected!


not certified

the correct way to wear a headset on a Icaro helmet

The advantages of wearing a headset fixed to the helmet:

  • the ear cups can be flipped upwards or aside quickly and easily
  • on the ground you can thus hear normally
  • in the air you can ventilate your ears whenever you like
Headsets for Aviation band radios

Tech Data and prices
Headsets for 2 meter band radios

Tech Data and prices
Earphones & microphone for free flight helmets

Tech Data and prices
About Headsets and Radio Connectors

Today there are so many types of radio equipment on the market that we are unable to continuously stock all headsets with the suitable radio connector.
For this reason, please allow us 2-3 weeks delivery time so that we can send you the headset with the right radio connector.
We will inform you by e-mail should there be any delay

View the exact radio connectors suitable for nearly all radios.
If you have any doubts about the exact connector or radio type, please write us a mail.
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Therefore we reserve the right to modify the characteristics in any way, without any prior notice.

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