Barfly    the hang glider carrier rack designed by Ignazio Bernardi
Almost forty years after the invention of the hang glider, here at last is Barfly, the first true hang glider carrier rack for the efficient transport of delta wing craft. Icaro2000 created this important accessory in the light of certain fundamental characteristics, dedicating careful attention to these factors:

Maximum efficiency in hang glider transport
To protect the hang glider from wear and damage during transport, it is important to provide a generous supporting surface, without exerting undue pressure on the most delicate parts.
With Barfly, the central part of the hang glider comprising the control frame is not subject to stress, because weight is distributed laterally and uniformly along the entire length of the glider, without causing creases and abrasion on the sail.
The surface actually supporting the glider varies from 360 to 480 cm length (as would be achieved using a ladder with 18-24 steps).
Barfly is the ideal choice for pilots wishing to protect their glider from wear.

Easy loading and unloading
With Barfly, the hang glider is loaded and unloaded by simply sliding it along the rack.

Compatible with all vehicles fitted with roof bars
Barfly’s telescopic system means that the unit can be instantly adapted to all types of vehicle fitted with roof bars, regardless of their shape and size.
By means of the sliding tubes in Barfly’s two halves, 6 combinations and 12 fixing positions can be obtained.
The distance separating the two roof bars must be between 53 and 150 cm.

Easy to fasten to the vehicle
The rack can be fixed to the vehicle without the need for any special tools.
Barfly is fixed to the roof bars by means of Velcro fasteners, in just a few seconds.
Alternatively, it can be fixed using bolts (this requires the appropriate preparation of the roof bars).

Strong, durable and light
Barfly is entirely in metal, made from tubes of Ergal 7075 T6 (the same used for the finest hang gliders).
It is not affected by atmospheric agents, corrosion, or deterioration caused by UV radiation.
The Velcro fasteners are replaceable.
Its total weight is less 3,6 kg.

Aerodynamics and ergonomics
When not carrying a hang glider, Barfly creates no more aerodynamic noise than that produced by the roof bars alone.
If necessary, Barfly can be disassembled, folded, and carried inside the vehicle.
It can be used to reinforce hang glider packaging in the case of air transportation.

Modular versatility
Used individually, Barfly can carry just one hang glider.
A pair of Barflys can be used to transport up to 3 hang gliders, while three can be used for up to 6 gliders.
If the roof bars are sufficiently wide, yet more Barflys can be added in a modular format.
It is no longer necessary to have a multiple hang glider rack to take your gliders and fellow pilots up to the launch site.
If everyone has their own personal Barfly, two or three of them can be fitted to any vehicle up to the maximum compatible load
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