Orbiter 2     the very succesful intermediate Hang Glider

The pictures with the new sail design and with the new colors are coming very soon
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Most outstanding features
  • light weight
  • easy to take-off and land
  • very low stall speed
  • amazingly easy handling
  • Certification DHV 2-3
Principal features        (Index)  

Designed by the world champion Manfred Ruhmer, this advanced intermediate glider is in production since 10 years.
With the little improvements we made during this period and with the new sail design it's now time to call it Orbiter 2.

This glider is the right choice for the pilots:
  • who like better a light, stable and easy to handle glider.

  • who doesn't need a competition glider to fly around during his free time, but still wants good performances.
The Sail

We designed a perfect sail-cut to get a clean sail in flight

Rip-stop sail  in Dacron, to ensure stable profile and long durability

Our designer and phographer Ignazio Bernardi has "invented" a new sail design with 24 beautiful color combinations.
The Frame

The tubes used for Icaro 2000 hang gliders are made in Ergal 7075, the alloy utilized in the aerospace industry.
They are manufactured by drawing, which guarantees the best possible performance in terms of weight, rigidity and reliability.
Other features
  • An efficient variable geometry combined with a swivel compensator: floating tips supported by cable as our topless gliders Laminar.

  • Profiled downtubes with rubber grip surface

  • Floating crossbar

  • Elliptical wingtips

  • Profiled kingpost

  • The two nose-battens remain in position at all times, and the nose fairing is semi-automatic (manually-fastening the top Velcro strips is not necessary).

  • Batten tips:
    The snap-fit system is very efficient and easy to use. It enables sail tension to be fine-tuned.

Tech Data Sheet
  Size Small Medium Large  
Area m2 13.73 14.61 15.23
Nose angle Deg. 128 128 126
Wingspan ml 9.73 10.19 10.41
Aspect Ratio 6.9 7.1 7.1
Double Surface % 85 85 85
Battens  upper+lower sail nr 16+4 18+4 18+4
Weight    without glider bag kg 27 29.5 31
Pilot Hook-In Weight (min / max) kg 60/85 80/95 85/110
Packing Bag Length ml 5.00 5.20 5.40
Short Packed Length ml 4.00 4.00 4.00
Certification DHV 2-3 2-3 2-3
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