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Icaro Headsets

The correct way to wear a headset

Any sort of headset MUST always be fixed on the shell of the helmet.
It is certified E.N. 966 only in this way.
More: the E.N. 966 certification prohibits to wear a headset with headband under the helmet.
It would never pass the impact requirements.
Your head would no longer be protected in the right way !

About the Icaro electronics

For years, we have been in contact with a friend of ours, the engineer Ralph Chester, who was formerly a pilot in the Royal Air Force.
Ralph has a company, Comunica, that manufactures state-of-the-art electronic systems for radio communications.
We have invited Comunica, with their 25 years experience making leading helmet and headset electronics for sport and professional aircraft, to design a new communications range, of the very highest quality, to complement our family of sport and professional flying helmets.
The electronic design philosophy is simple:
To select the world’s very best components (ear defence, microphones, earphones, controls, cables and connectors, radios etc) to build your equipment, with cost a secondary consideration.
To give you the highest possible levels of comfort, safety, ease-of-use and long life of your communications equipment.