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New Carbon X helmet

Carbon X is a light, efficient helmet in two versions, jet and full-face. It has EN 1385 certification, for water and land sports Read more...

Its outer shell in carbon provides excellent levels of lightness and safety, along with a fantastic appearance. This makes it a good choice for other sports in which lightness is an important consideration, such as parachuting, paragliding, street luge and similar pursuits for which a specific certification is not required. Carbon X is a modern development of another Icaro2000 helmet, Cut3, that was very successful in years past. Of course the new helmet incorporates all the benefits offered by the latest technology and our advanced design expertise

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Principal features

Technical data (index)

Italian Design


Carbon X’s stylish lines are the result of design by Ignazio Bernardi in collaboration with Felice Manzoni, Italy’s leading helmet development consultant

Outer shell


The outer shell is 226 mm in width. The total "lenght" of the full-face helmet is 328 mm
Carbon X is made in full carbon, tough and light


Carbon is the most prestigious material for a helmet's outer shell, lighter and offering a higher performance when compared to polycarbonate and fibreglass. Carbon fibre offers optimum shell strength for greater safety particularly in high-speed impacts, and in fact Carbon X is a helmet constructed with the same technology used in military applications. The lower weight of the helmet reduces neck strain and whiplash potential and so also contributes to safety. These tangible benefits are enhanced by the unique appearance of carbon that makes Carbon X a spectacular, eye-catching object, with no need for extra graphics: the beautiful fibre texture and its unique colour make it attractive in itself

Outer shell edge finish


Carbon X has edges with perfectly rounded finish


The beautifully-engineered rounded edges give the helmet a distinctive, exclusive appearance. This design feature offers another benefit: it increases the wearer’s field of vision. There is no need for an additional profile in rubber. Except that we have added rubber profiling on the lower edge of the full-face helmet for extra comfort

Inner polystyrene shell


The inner shell in expanded polystyrene plays a fundamental role in terms of shock-absorbency


In Carbon X this layer is very thick, 16 mm, with density of 90 kg/cm3, enabling it to pass the stringent tests required for EN 1385 certification. These include the shock absorption tests, in which the deceleration is measured for impact with flat surfaces



The size of a helmet is specified by the comfort padding’s inner circumference
The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres, which you can determine using a soft measuring tape
Carbon X is available with differentiated padding, for sizes from 55 cm (small) up to 61 cm (XL)

Interchangeable internal padding


Two padding options

Carbon X is available with internal padding in the form of a Coolmax cap, or water-resistant padding


Coolmax cap
The high-technology fabric Coolmax offers excellent comfort, because it wicks perspiration away from the head and enables it to evaporate rapidly, keeping you cool and dry
Every Carbon X helmet has a label that guarantees the use of this famous new textile, which is also soft to touch and so makes the helmet even more comfortable

Water resistant internal padding
For water sports, water-resistance becomes an important consideration. Carbon X is also available with waterproof padding, less comfortable than Coolmax but offering the important advantage of not absorbing water

As both types of internal padding are easy to remove and replace, we recommend purchasing both so that you can use your helmet in different sports situations

The sizes available are as follows:

For both systems, the helmet size can be varied by replacing the internal padding, whether the Coolmax version or the waterproof inner padding
If your helmet is not a perfect fit, we can send you new padding free of charge, independently of where you bought the helmet

Cheek pads


Carbon X has cheek pads in fabric, used both with the Coolmax cap and the waterproof inner padding
The cheek pads are available in three thicknesses, 10 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm. They are easy to replace, and they can be used to fine-tune the helmet’s fit. If you need cheek pads of a different thickness, we will send them to you free of charge

Micrometric chin strap

The chin strap can easily be adjusted, with millimetric precision
You just have to lift the red tab to undo the strap.
The chin strap is padded with soft, comfortable fabric

E.N. 1385 certification

Our helmets are tested by CSI, an Italian laboratory authorized by Italy’s Ministry of Transport
The Carbon X is designed specifically for water and land sports
It is built to be as light as possible, while optimizing safety
The Carbon X is certified in compliance with the European EN 1385 standard


This certification comprises:
Shock absorbing capacity. This tests the helmet by dropping it onto a flat surface and measuring the deceleration forces inside. The highest permitted value for deceleration is -250 g. The Carbon X helmet is comfortably within this value and so the helmet offers a greater level of protection than that required by the certification. For further details, see page 5 of the test report
Retention system performance, measuring the strength of the strap system
Retention system efficacy, measuring the strap’s ability to keep the helmet securely positioned on the head
Buoyancy. This verifies that after at least 4 hours of being submerged, the helmet will still float

These tests are performed not only at room temperature, but also after having subjected the helmet to the following conditions:
High (35° C) and low (0° C) temperature
Ultraviolet radiation (artificial ageing)
Water immersion for 4 hours

View the certificate issued by CSI and the complete EN 1385 test report

For further information on EN 1385 testing, please see our page About safety


Jet helmet: 430 grams
Full face helmet: 560 grams


The new manual is coming soon

Italian-made quality


All our helmets are created by Italian designers, made in Italy using Italian materials and technology, assembled at our workshop in Laveno by trained Italian personnel, and certified by an Italian company


It would be cheaper to outsource production overseas. We prefer to do everything ourselves, here in Italy, for a reason: quality, which means safety and user satisfaction. Our quality is not just a slogan: it is demonstrated by tangible results. Our hang gliders and helmets are used by leading pilots who have conquered an impressive list of world championship victories
And you can see quality in action. You are welcome to visit our workshop and watch our team working on the helmets

The development of this helmet


A new helmet starts from the desired technical characteristics, and it is given form by means of artisanal processes. In fact the first prototype is sculpted from wood and plaster, and it is then scanned and codified into a 3D file. This in turn is used for computer simulations on which colours and detail design can be perfected, and it provides the data necessary for the CNC machines that will cut the dies for the outer shell and the polystyrene inner shell
Similar processes are used for all the other helmet components
Once everything is ready, the helmet can be assembled, checked for quality, tested and packaged. The finished product is a fine example of Italian design and technological prowess

Customer feedback

For privacy reasons, we never publish the name of the customer who sent us the comment

Carbon X is a new product. It has already been used with great satisfaction by the Gitana trimaran team, and we look forward to receiving feedback from our first customers. Write to us at: [email protected]

Texts by Henry Neuteboom
[email protected]