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Icaro 2000 electric Pit-trike

An exclusive development of Manfred Ruhmer.
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Principal features (Index)


Icaro 2000, one of the most important hang glider manufacturers in the world, has extended its range with a single-seat light trike, which can be used with a conventional hang glider and a lightweight engine for a totally new dimension of flight.

The Icaro 2000 Pit-trike is available only in a futuristic electric version.

Electric motor


The HPD (High Power Direct) motor was developed by Werner Eck and is distributed by Flytec.
It is a brushless, rotating-can motor which directly powers a 1.4 m diameter folding-blade propeller, with no reduction gear.

Flytec HPD 10 10 kw
Electronic system Flytec MMS 10 Weight 5 kg

For further details on the electric motor, see the following websites:


The motor is regulated by the MMS system (Motor Management System).

An advanced control system prevents accidental motor activation.
If essential parameters are exceeded, the power supplied is automatically reduced, and the pilot is informed of the problem by means of an error message on the control interface.

The motor's functioning is constantly monitored by an interface that displays all operational parameters, such as voltage, power in amp-hours, current absorption, motor temperature, the Motor Management System, the state of the accumulators, and so forth.


Various accumulator systems are available.

The standard accumulator is a 24 Ah lithium ion model, providing a flight time of about 20 minutes with an RX18 or RX21 wing and an 80 kg pilot.

Two batteries connected in parallel (48 Ah) provide a flight time of 40 minutes.

Using a modern rapid-charge lithium polymer accumulator, flight time can be extended to about 30 minutes, or up to one hour's flight when two of these accumulators are connected in parallel, providing a total of 80 Ah.

The maximum flight time varies according to pilot weight, the style of flying, and the surface area of the wing.

3 Flytec batteries type are available:

LiIon 24  Ah  12,5 kg
LiPo 40  Ah  16 kg
LiPo 60  Ah  22 kg

Folding propeller

The folding-blade propeller in carbon fibre was specially developed for the electric motor.

It has a diameter of 1.4 metres, and it guarantees high propulsive efficiency.


The most suitable hang glider

Just about any normal hang glider can be used with Icaro 2000's Pit-trike, ensuring that the total weight of the system (trike, wing, pilot) does not exceed the maximum certified weight for the wing in question.

Icaro 2000 recommends two sizes of hang glider for the Pit-trike.

The simplest hang glider in Icaro 2000's range, the RX, in RX 18 or RX 21 versions, is ideal for enjoyable and stress-free flying. This glider's size and characteristics make it ideal for beginners.

For professional pilots, Icaro 2000 recommends the MastR, in size L.

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