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November 2011
Flight suit Top Gun

The Icaro flight suit specially designed for Paramotor, Gyrocopter and Ultralight pilots.

Restyled model with exceptional details and best fabrics.

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July 2011
Alex Ploner first, Christian Ciech second on our hang glider Laminar

at the 2011 Hang gliding World Championships

at Monte Cucco, Italy
Cross-country hang glider competitions entered the modern age in 1996, with the introduction of topless hang gliders and the use of GPS instruments to record flights.

From 1996, eight world championships have been held.

The LAMINAR hang glider has won five of these!

(For the record, the others were won, one each, by a Mouette, an Aeros and a Moyes).

If we remember that the LAMINAR also holds the most prestigious record for this sector, that of overall distance (701 km recorded as long ago as 2001), there can be no doubts about the leadership position of Icaro2000 as a builder of winning hang gliders.
June 2011
The new helmet Rega 2 is ready for the production.

It has an astonishing new Italian design.

The main feature: when closed, the visor is integrated inside the helmet, between the fiberglass shell and the polystyrene.

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The succesful helmet Fly is now available with 5 different decals

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2011 will be the year of good Icaro 2000 videos

we start immediately with Ignazio Bernardi doing aerobatics over the lake of Garda and landing in the water

Ignazio is the designer and photographer of all our Icaro products

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Manfred Ruhmer, World Champion again

with the Swift

This is his fifth world title in the Fai rigid wings category

Flying traditional hang gliders, he has won “just” 4 World Championship titles!

At left, Manfred, flying the electric Swift, performs a triple loop at Verbier (Switzerland)

more Icaro 2000 videos on You Tube
Icaro 2000 Pit-trike

The Electric Trike developed by Manfred Ruhmer is flying

Manfred is 3 times hang gliding world champion, 4 times european champion as well as holder of the absolute distance world record at 701 km
E.N.966 Test

Icaro 2000 presents one of the stringent tests performed on its helmets in order to obtain EN 966 certification for free flight and micro light sports.

Please bear our recommendations in mind at all times: the most important is:

Never fly without a helmet; life is too important to risk losing it due to a senseless omission

Remember that the tests that have to be passed to obtain EN 1077 ski helmet certification are not as demanding as those for EN 966.

Filmed by courtesy of Csi, Italy
We are proud to announce that 3 Icaro 2000 hang gliders are exposed

at the new historical aircraft museum at the Italian airport Malpensa (Milan)
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