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Hang Glider & paraglider schools


Garda Flying Paradise, Italy

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“People can be divided into two groups: those who fly, and those who would like to fly.
Have you decided which group you want to be in?”

Start with a tandem hang glider flight with instructor on Lake Garda!

Our flying courses using tandem hang gliders with instructor on Lake Garda are designed to enable you to rapidly and correctly learn the fundamentals of flying a hang glider, by means of a personalised, progressive, comprehensive course.
You will be closely supervised at every step, from your first brief practice flights right through to perfecting the most advanced flying techniques.
Flying is something absolutely unnatural for an earthbound human being. The role of the Garda Flying Paradise school is to make it something natural.
The priority at our flying school with tandem hang glider with instructor on Lake Garda is to guarantee a safe approach to this wonderful sport.

Lessons are held generally on Wednesdays, at weekends and on holidays, while intensive courses of several consecutive days are also possible (with groups of at least 3 pupils).
Enrolment is possible at any time. You can start learning at any time of year.

The basic hang gliding course consists of a first phase in which you perform exercises on the practice slope (50 hours). This is followed by the second phase, with mountain launch solo flights (vertical distance 800 m) in which the pilot is in constant radio contact with the instructor. These flights are preceded by at least 3 tandem training flights in a dual hang glider with instructor.
After 30 solo mountain launch flights, you are ready for the final exam which enables you to attain the Sports Flying Licence. The course is open to anyone with a good state of health, aged 16 or over. Before starting the course, we recommend trying a tandem hang glider flight with instructor.

And if you come to Garda Flying Paradise with your family and friends, while you are practicing at the flying school, they will be able to enjoy our services and have a lovely day. In fact, right next to the flying practice slope there are facilities including a Bar, a Restaurant, a children’s area, Hotel and B&B, and an extensive green area with fantastic walks in the surrounding forests.

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