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The Hang Glider Alto

The new intermediate wing by Icaro 2000 flies… “HIGH”

Outstanding features:

Principal features (index)


Designed by world champions Manfred Ruhmer and Christian Ciech, this advanced intermediate glider is the evolution of the Orbiter 2.
The target that we set for this new intermediate wing was to optimize simplicity of handling in all phases of flight, without penalizing performance.

This hang glider is the right choice for pilots:

The Sail


The new chord distribution and innovative wingtips ensure easier handling and lower minimum speeds. This improves climbing performance and gives the pilot better control in all low-speed situations, such as launch and landing.

The leading edge has been re-designed to optimize sail weight.

Perfectly trimmed with Dacron 4.0 oz fabric, the sail is also available in the higher-performance 4.05 oz RSQ Square, PXB05, or Technora ODL06.

The color patterns reflect the latest trends in visual styling.

Sail colors


You can choose from our suggested color combinations.


By means of the new crossbar and fittings, used for the central crossbar section and for the crossbar-leading edge joint, we were able to design a lighter, and at the same time stronger, frame.

We dedicated special attention to the hang glider’s static balance, to guarantee better control of the wing during ground handling and launch. At the same time, the A-frame’s new position guarantees greater flare authority.

For the medium size version, we also redesigned the leading-edge tube, in order to further improve glider handling and offer greater flying pleasure.

We use the finest tubing available, made from the same 7075 aluminium alloy (Ergal) that is utilized in the aeronautical industry.
Our tubing is manufactured by extrusion, the process that guarantees the highest possible performance in terms of weight/strength ratio and reliability.

Other features

Optional competition features

The Alto flies perfectly in its standard configuration, but for pilots looking for a hang glider with a more competitive spirit, some options can be added to further enhance performance.

Aluminium competition A-frame

The aluminium competition downtubes have a profile that includes turbulators, which guarantee a low aerodynamic drag coefficient, and ensure the best possible performance/price ratio.
This A-frame is completed to perfection by the MR carbon fibre speedbar, but it is also available with the classic circular-section aluminium speedbar.

Carbon speedbar

Aerodynamics, Ergonomics, Lightness. In your hands.


Specifically designed for the Alto, the wingtips were developed to reduce the vortices that cause induced drag. The new design increases aspect ratio, minimizing the increment of roll inertia and therefore improving performance in the mid-low speed range, with no detrimental effects on handling.
As a result, they enhance efficiency at the most frequently-used gliding speeds, and increase climb performance.
At the same time, they give the hang glider a new and attractive look.

Tech data

Metric & Imperial units (Pdf)


The new manual (Pdf), written by Christian Ciech

Italian-made quality

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Texts by Henry Neuteboom
[email protected]