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News 2022

Italian championships 2022

11th victory for Christian Ciech, four aces for our brand

The top four pilots all flew Icaro 2000 wings.

All photos by Mary & Flavio Tebaldi.

European Championschips 2022

Alex Ploner first, Christian Ciech second both flying the Laminar
Gold for the italian team
The official results

For the Icaro 2000 Laminar, this is the eighth European Championship won, plus eight World titles

All photos taken during the competition by Flavio Tebaldi, the team leader and organizer of the competition.

The Alto replaces the Orbiter

So, Alto is the new intermediate wing!!

Designed by the world champions Manfred Ruhmer and Christian Ciech, this advanced intermediate glider is the evolution of the Orbiter 2.
The target for this new intermediate wing was to implement the ease of use in every flight moment, without penalizing the performances.

This glider is the right choice for the pilots:

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News 2019 - 2021

News from a few years ago 2018 · 2017 ·

Christian Ciech wins the 2021 Italian championships

Christian won all four tasks.

June 2021

For the eighth time, Icaro has won the hang gliding World Championships

Alex Ploner first, Christian Ciech second


Leadership certified by results, not just talk.

The hang glider’s modern age began in 1996 with the introduction of topless gliders.
From then on, there have been 12 World Championships.
Icaro2000 have won 8 of them.

For Alex it is his third world title

Many pictures on Flafly

July 2019

The Italian Team, World Champions for the sixth time


The championship took place in Tolmezzo in Italy

Flavio Tebaldi was team leader.

July 2019

Three world champions flying Laminar at the 32nd Valerio Albrizio trophy, Laveno


Alex Ploner in first place, Christian Ciech second, Manfred Ruhmer third at the 32nd Valerio Albrizio trophy, Laveno.
On the podium, Alex made the most of the occasion. "At Laveno it's very rare to see Manfred below me on the podium, so I couldn't resist taking the opportunity of resting my elbow on his head for a moment."

June 2019

Index 2018

Thomas Weissenberg first, Manfred Ruhmer second at the XXI Open de Canarias


Thomas told us "Ciao ragazzi, it was a challenging comp with Manfred in the task committee.
I guess you know what this means! He really pushed it, with not too many pilots reaching goal on many days, except for the last day for a happy ending.
The Laminar is flying great, it brings me to the next level and to team up with MR is awesome. Such a great guy and a pilot to learn from in many ways!"

Manfred Ruhmer wins the Pre-world Hang Glider Championships

Second slide image

"It was a real good last day, strong conditions in the mountains.
It was a very good way to celebrate my birthday with the last day and overall comp winning.
And that with very little hang-gliding training but with good motivation and a perfect glider"

Alex Ploner wins the European Hang Glider Championships with Laminar


Alex Ploner wins the European hang gliding championships.
For the second time, Alex Ploner wins the European cross-country hang gliding championships, demonstrating his remarkable flying skills.
Having won seven world championship titles and and seven European titles, the Laminar shows that ALL HANG GLIDERS FLY WELL. SOME FLY BETTER.
It is his second European title, for Icaro the 7 th.

New sail colors for the Piuma


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Laminar 2018


For 2018 we have built the best Laminar ever, never so perfect

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Piuma, the restyling of the RX2


Go to page of the Piuma

Year 2017

Gold for the Italian team at the World Championship


Our Alex Ploner second, just a few points behind Petr Benes.
Christian third, both with hang glider Laminar.

Great Italian team that now has won 5 times the worlds.
Thanks also to the tireless team leader Flavio Tebaldi.

Manfred Ruhmer again Class 2 World Champion


He is now 7 times World Champion with his Swift

Italian Hang Gliding Championship 2017


Alex Ploner first on Laminar

Best results for Icaro 2000: 4 Laminar in the first 4 places, 7 in the first 10.