Icaro 2000 staff        our dream team, wholly “Made in Italy.”
Icaro 2000 is lucky to be able to rely on a truly exceptional team.

This team comprises three flex wing and rigid wing hang gliding world champions (Manfred, Alex and Christian). They are all committed to the ongoing development of our various hang glider models. All three take part in the most important hang gliding competitions, and this enables them to measure their own performance and that of our hang gliders with other pilots and other gliders, helping them to progressively increase the performance of our models. In addition, our pilots perform the first test flight of all the hang gliders built by our company, before they are delivered to our customers.

In addition, we have a professional designer and photographer, who is also a pilot (Ignazio Bernardi).
He adds that visual design touch which is a hallmark of Italian-made products and which is so widely appreciated worldwide.

We have three girls who work in the office, dedicating meticulous attention to customers, company organization and the day-to-day running of corporate business.

Likewise, in the production sector we can count on skilled staff who are whole-heartedly enthusiastic about their work.

Many of the photographs on this page were taken during the celebration organized for Alex Ploner after his fantastic victory in the 2009 hang gliding world championships.
the 3 World Champions

Manfred Ruhmer   Alex Ploner   Christian Ciech
the 3 developers and test pilots

Manfred Ruhmer   Alex Ploner   Christian Ciech
the designer and photographer

Ignazio Bernardi
the 3 office girls

Gipsy   Claudia   Mara

The photos were taken during the party
organized for Alex Ploner’s world championship victory (2009)
men in production
girls in production
the old Icaro 2000 guard

celebrating the milestone
of the five thousandth hang glider to be built in 1995

On the left, Alfio Caronti, who founded Icaro in 1973
The names and the logos   Icaro, Icaro 2000, 4fight, ICE  are registrated trade marks.

For all of us at Icaro 2000, the name “4fight” has nothing to do with war, please read more about it.

Our company is committed to continuously improving the safety, comfort and design of our products.
Therefore we reserve the right to modify the characteristics in any way, without any prior notice.

Nearly all photos on this website can be downloaded without any restrictions.
There is only a copyright if you read the name of the fotographer near the picture.

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