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RX2 Black Technora

its beauty is merely a by-product

When lightness and manoeuvrability are combined with maximum performance

23 kg of pure emotion !

Also available in the BLACK version with black downtubes and kingpost

More nice photos

December 2015 (15015)

Circular-section carbon crossbar on the World Champion
Hang Glider Laminar

From January 2016 we will officially cease production of the standard carbon cross-bar for our Hang Glider Laminar.
We have already informed our customers who have recently ordered this hang glider, and from January 2016 only the circular-section carbon crossbar will be available.
The quality difference and weight advantages are so great that there are no reasons to continue producing the older version.
Due to the different length and to the different design of the crossbar fittings, important benefits in performance are also attained.
We believe that this choice is coherent with our quest for the best possible quality that hallmarks our work in all our products.

December 2015 (15014)

Nerv, 3 new colors available

They are the same of the helmet Solar X

The succesful "color" carbon optic is still our favorite (the first helmet on the left)

The new logo IC2 stays for Icaro 2000

More info about the Nerv helmet.

September 2015 (15013)

German Open,   Christian Ciech first

The world champion Christian Ciech is again first with his Laminar

This year he is just unbeatable...... and the glider too....

More info and all results about the competition

August 2015 (15012)

Dolomiti Open,    Christian Ciech first

After five intense task of a total of 700 km Christian Ciech collects his 8. Italian title

Second Alex Ploner third Karl Reichegger, all three with the world champion HG Laminar

More info and all results about the  competition

July 2015 (15011)

Congratulations to Chrigel Maurer for winning the Red Bull X-Alps 2015

He has won the race for an unprecedented fourth time.

Chrigel was wearing an Icaro helmet, the same of the last edition 2013.

July 2015 (15010)

Our Transalp helmet at the Red Bull X-Alps 2015

We sponsored 20 pilots partecipating at this incredible competition with our very light helmet Transalp: only 390 grams.

More info about the Transalp helmet.

July 2015 (15010)

Solar Impulse 2 flew from Japan to Hawaii

Solar Impulse has taken off at 18:03 UTC from Nagoya airport in Japan and reached Hawaii after 4 Days 21 Hours 52 Minutes.

The distance was 7212 km, 8'634 m the max reached altitude at an average ground speed of 61.19 km/h.

Andree Borschberg was at the command wearing our helmet Solar X and with our ICE headsets.

Follow this unique event on the official Solarimpulse  website.

Look at the video of the first flight hours.

June 29, 2015 (15008)

The helmet Solar X is in production

The new helmet will be presented at our stand at the "Mondial Air Paramoteur" at the French airport Blois from the 19 to 21 June.

The Solar X has the same shape as the Nerv helmet, expressly modified for the paramotor pilots.

4 colours are available: carbon optic, orange, green, white.

Go to the new Solar X web page
The Solar X replaces the Fly UL helmet.
We can no longer build this successful helmet. We are very sorry about that.

June 2015 (15007)
Solar Impulse 2 was supposed to fly from China to Hawaii.

Due to bad weather in the Pacific Ocean the big airplane had to land at Nagoya airport in Japan.

We asked the responsable of the cockpit Michael McGrath if everything was ok with our helmets Solar X and ICE headsets. His answer was: "everything is very good with the helmets and audio, thank you".

Have a look at the cockpit with the pilot Piccard wearing our new helmet Solar X and with our ICE headsets

New helmet colours

For all fiberglass helmets we introduce the new standard colours
white   yellow   red.

Delivery time 2 month, price supplement € 20.-

If you like a personalized colour the delivery time will be 3 months with a supplement of € 40.-

Please write us a mail for your wishes.

May 2015 (15006)

ICE Lite

Icaro2000 is proud to present their new headsets ICE Lite

Specifically designed for optimal use in paramotors, our “ICE Lite” radio headsets share the technology used in ICARO’s professional aviation products. Accordingly, most of the components are made in EU and USA and installed according to the rule book to preserve the maximum level of noise protection of the ear cups, high performance and long life. We bring the same care to you for all your enquiries and future needs.

The technical features and prices of all   ICE headsets

May 2015 (15005)

Fantastic results: Christian Ciech first, Antoine Boisselier second at the 2015 Hang Gliding World Championships in Mexico

Both with our Laminar hang glider that has now won a total of 7 World Championships !!!

The Laminar absolutely dominated the competition, winning seven out of the eight tasks.

The comments of Christian:
"Eight tasks, generous heights, but flying over very high ground that made landings rather difficult.
An exceptional team, working well together and in excellent physical shape, and a hang glider, the Laminar, more competitive than ever before: these were the factors that enabled me to reach the goal for which I had been waiting for so long.
And so I have won my first flex-wing World Championships, and with the team, we have attained our fourth consecutive world title. A result that up until today has never been achieved by any other team.”

Look at the many and beautiful pictures of the Italian team leader Flavio Tebaldi

March 2015 (15004)

Solar Impulse's first Round-the-World Solar Flight with our Icaro helmets.

Solar Impulse is the only airplane of perpetual endurance, able to fly day and night on solar power, without a drop of fuel.

Icaro is proud to contribute to this incredible mission.

The two famous pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg are wearing our helmets with our ICE headsets.

They have chosen our helmets because they are light, strong, modern, reliable and have EN 966 certification.

The electronic ICE headsets have been developed expressly for this mission.
The helmets will be available for all our sport pilots at the end of March.

We will call them "SOLAR X"

follow this unique event on the official Solarimpulse website

March 2015 (15003)

New Icaro logo

Our designer Ignazio Bernardi has made a logo, short and modern

February 2015 (15002)
Ready to go......

to the Hang Glider World Championship in Mexico

Manfred Ruhmer and Christian Ciech will fight with a striking wing, the best Laminar ever

Mexico Valle de Bravo from 28 February to 13 March

look at the official site

February 2015 (15001)
The names and the logos   Icaro, Icaro 2000, 4fight, ICE  are registrated trade marks.

For all of us at Icaro 2000, the name “4fight” has nothing to do with war, please read more about it.

Our company is committed to continuously improving the safety, comfort and design of our products.
Therefore we reserve the right to modify the characteristics in any way, without any prior notice.

Nearly all photos on this website can be downloaded without any restrictions.
There is only a copyright if you read the name of the fotographer near the picture.

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