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News 2016

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Solar Impulse 2: We made it

From Michael McGrath, responsable for the Cockpit Design and it's Configuration of the Solar Impulse 2, we received this mail:

From: Michael McGrath [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, 08 August 2016 09:20
To: Gianni Icaro [mailto:[email protected]]
Subject: We made it!

Dear Gianni,
We succeeded in flying around the world using only the power available from the sun. An historic achievement for aviation and energy, showing the world what is possible and opening their minds and hearts to a better future.

I wanted to thank you for your tremendous support in creating a custom pilot helmet capable of standing up to the extreme demands of life inside the Solar Impulse cockpit. Your commitment to the project and to being here in person time and again to be sure that the pilots got the best and most comfortable fit possible was remarkable and beyond appreciated.

I truly enjoyed working with you and I hope that we can find projects to collaborate on in the future together.

Thank you,

The 2 pilots Piccard and Borschberg used our helmets Solar X and our headsets ICE

August 2016 (16011)

Alex Mateos new Fai World Paramotor Champion 2016

He is flying with our helmet Rollbar without visor and our ICE headsets.

August 2016 (16010)

Marco Laurenzi is the new Italian Champion 2016, flying a Laminar

August 2016 (16009)

Christian Ciech is the new European Champion 2016, flying a Laminar

Christian Ciech, already current world champion, has confirmed that he is the man of the moment.
In second place, Alex Ploner, another world champion and previous European champion, also flying a Laminar.
In this competition, the Laminar won 6 of the 8 tasks.
Icaro2000, holding 7 World Championships and 6 European titles, remains the most victorious hang glider manufacturer of all time.

July 2016 (16008)
Solar impulse

Solar Impulse 2 flew 40,000 km without fuel, a first for energy!

Emotions, tears, relief, exhilaration is running through the team right now after completing the first Round-the-World solar flight.
The solar airplane has now made it full circle around the world, proving that clean technologies can really achieve the impossible.

Great Piccard and Great Borschberg for having realized this incredible mission

Thanks for having used our helmets Solar X and our headsets ICE

More about this incredible adventure on the official site Solar Impulse 2

July 2016 (16007)
Solar impulse

Solar Impulse 2 just crossed the Atlantic ocean

We are proud that the pilots Piccard and Borschberg wear our helmets Solar X and our headsets ICE

Look at this aerial selfie from the cockpit

Follow live this incredible mission on the official site Solar Impulse 2

June 2016 (16006)

Motobot meets the Doctor (Valentino Rossi)

Look at this amusing video with our blue helmet 4fight

May 2016 (16005)

Orbiter 2: the first pictures of the new sail

The new beauty fotographed by our designer Ignazio Bernardi at the Bigsur

Look at the page of the Orbiter 2

May 2016 (16004)

Solar Impulse 2, the mission continues

Bertrand Piccard resumes the mission of Solar Impulse 2 wearing our helmet Solar X and our ICE headsets.

Like the rising sun, the Solar Impulse 2 airplane rose from the tarmac at Kalaeloa Airport, Hawaii with Bertrand Piccard in the cockpit.
The big airplane just landed in California, USA.

Follow live this incredible mission on the official site Solar Impulse 2

April 2016 (16003)

New colors for the helmets Nerv & Transalp

Black velvet is the new color for our succesful helmet Nerv

"White Carbon" for our very light helmet Transalp
It looks like carbon fibers but in white color.

January 2016 (16002)

Orbiter 2: new sail design & colors

A new complicated design of the sail with 24 beautiful color combinations for our succesfull glider Orbiter 2.

Made by our designer Ignazio Bernardi.

After 10 years that this glider is in production and with the little improvements we made during this period it's now time to call it Orbiter 2.

Look at the page of the Orbiter 2

January 2016 (16001)